First of all I Fucking Love Love Marc Maron’s WTF podcast.  I am in awe of his emotionally transparent bravery… his opening musings are a healing tonic of rationality and counter to the darkened ramblings of untrustworthy leadership that this week has lauded road intimidation and traffic snarls. All of which has been irresponsibly magnified without challenge in the mainstream media.  Particularly when I am feeling anxious, these angry rants oddly take the edge off of my own rabbit holes. Dare I say his stream of consciouness is a communal tonic espcecially for this twisted dark soul.

With that said I am compelled to make this public request and beg him to reconsider one of the choice descriptions he and many others use to describe that rambling ‘elected official’ and his enablers and acolytes.  Hey, I went to Bronx Science I am a man of semantics …even though I avoided the debate team like the plague. Here is the deal -STOP calling a destructive tyrant a ‘clown’ … using that word only humanizes this leader’s sadistic actions, and in effect desensitizes all of us to its pernicious effects.
Full disclose & no surprise I am also a graduate of Ringling Bros Barnum and Bailey Clown College (yes my Harvard Law School educated father loves to point out that statistically speaking my school was more difficult to gain acceptance…I tell him the level of applicant might be a bit different.) In my experience in the world of professional clowning I’ve crossed paths or worked with yes 1000 of clowns from all over the world. Even the shittiest of them have a genuine concern for the well being other people. In my case it was the ideal channeling of my codependency that attracted me to this work and lead me to decades of entertaining pediatric neuro oncology patients. That unto itself should be a weighty enough verification on behalf of most of my ilk that our intention it is to entertain and distract. Clowns care. Despots harm.

There is nothing funny or kind about putting kids in cages,  performing unnecessary hysterectomies against womens’ wills, or sending US troops to attack US citizen who are exercising their constitutional right to protest. This is the work of a piece of shit mother fucker who justifies every fascist action, quite a difference from a clown. Using the word clown as a descriptive is a grave disservice. Not only is it demeaning to hardworking entertainers who are actually helping maintain healing via healthy humor in very troubling times but it also humanizes an inhumane person.

So Marc, I am imploring you to call out the inhumane and misguided leaders and followers for what they really are – a dictator wanna be and his minions, You don’t have to like or enjoy clowns to appreciate the importance of choosing these words and epithets judicially. Just like you would not call a domestic terrorist a comedian, please choose words that represent what this tyrant is doing.  Trusting you understand this important delineation.

In any case …Thank you for your transparency and for fighting the good fight.