Be forewarned. This is a rant.

My parenting style is the imperfect version of ‘FUCK YES’ the title of a book I found many years before getting married and having kids. The memorable example that stuck with me was ‘You want the car tonight? FUCK YES! You are now responsible for any and all things related to its use including costs and safety.’ Simple. Know the consequences and do your best responsibly.

If I repeat the obvious, that the simple precautionary action of wearing a mask reduces one’s risk of spreading infection, helps others remain safe and flattens the curve during this pandemic is at least easy, forgive me. Maybe it is important to me cause it could save your or your loved ones life…

Why the fuck are some people not wearing a mask and social distancing? They obviously have not read my favorite book on parenting. My guess is they are in the same category of prophylactic Russian roulette players. Apparently they have not checked the recent stats either. COVID19 is a killer and I can give you the names of enough dead friends …so why do you think you’re immune from giving and getting the virus?

Ask the celebrating graduates from Horace Greeley how easy it is to get and spread. Look at the numbers for the states that opened too quickly, Texas and Florida, and how quickly they are closing their bars now.

I was inspired to write this manifesto after being passed by another unprotected jogger on a relatively well traveled public walkway. A runner who I am sure would not want an unplanned pregnancy.


Sure. Go ahead and have sex without a condom. (What do you call people who use the rhythm method of contraception?… Parents!) Anyway most adults should know that there is a greater probability for pregnancy. Although not a perfect prevention measure condoms also reduce the transmission of some STDs.

Just wear a mask. And make sure you’re having sex with a consenting person you are quarantining with.

Rant over.

For now.