Oh boy have I been fooled in the past. I remember the Karl Rove engineered brilliant radio ads that made it seem that the estate tax was important to my life and needed to be repealed because it was going to ruin family farms. Well sadly the Monsanto written legislation already took care of that and I was a sucker for the spin that was not in my ultimate best interest.

I am really not sure who are the select few who actually benefit from a No vote. I do know that my friend who did an AMEX commercial with Jerry Seinfeld is not voting cause of the drastic loss of SAG union commercial work after the 2000 strike that has taken decades (decades!!!) to rebuild. He is not voting cause he is out of the business cause of that reduction in SAG work. I walked those picket lines and knew just knew it was a disaster. Don’t get me started that the faction of our union that didn’t want the merger created the need for it with the de facto FilmTV strike of 2009.

So of course if you need to vote No go ahead. Magical thinking is that we have the same leverage as the Teamsters and will get everything we want & was left at the table or as small as the DGA and those pensions caps will just get lifted. Talk to all the people who were fooled into voting for Brexit and the mess that is.

Proud that our leadership is forward thinking lookiing out for the best interest of our entire union and the future of syndication. Where are you watching your reruns? That is right -on your streaming services not on PIX11 (PIX11 what is that you ask? Case and point -it is the boat Seinfeld sailed to make their mint, a mint that is still grandfathered BTW). Oh and I can only guess where you are watching Seinfeld now.

Vote YES. My increased background numbers can wait Cars and Kids Above The Count!!! and Escalator Clause for BG numbers. I will see you all in the 21 century as soon as we call all get back to work. Whatever you’re voting for Pete’s sake Wear a mask so we can get back to work!!!